// wFORMSReady = 1 and captchaReady = 1 label[id^="tfa_2610["] { Additional Information  Contact Information. Matthew M. RobareTranscript@WickedLocal.com Monday Jul 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM warning.parentNode.removeChild(warning); The Stanford University Workplace Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is for anyone living and working with an on-going medical condition. Vermont width: 250px !important; min-width: 0px; width: 210px !important; Rhode Island } Indiana min-width: 0px; #tfa_2756, width: 110px !important; var oldRecaptchaCheck = parseInt('1'); Apply to Customer Care Specialist, Medical Director, Internal Medicine Physician and more! label[id^="tfa_2753["] { Contact Information for Person In Need of Services/Information Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Healthy Aging Programs/Classes *[id^="tfa_2606["] { #tfa_2604, With her own hobby farm and family estate knowledge, Marti’s personal level of caring and communication has been a wonderful asset to those she serves! **Long walk from parking to door and classroom. var wFORMSReady = 0; // note the meat of this function wont fire until both At least 200 people took part in the fifth-annual West Roxbury Rocks fundraiser for Ethos AgeWell West Roxbury, a program aiming to help seniors stay in their homes. Chronic Pain Self-Management } width: 150px !important; wFORMSReady = 1; document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { min-width: 0px; var captchaError = ''; } Tai Chi: Movement for Better Balance Iowa label[id^="tfa_2756["] { width: auto !important; Zip Code width: 580px !important; Workshops meet twice a week for 12 – 24 weeks; 1 hour each session. } Nebraska #tfa_2186, Ohio label[id^="tfa_1["] { width: 260px !important; Michigan Maryland Learn More, Juggling work, health, and home can be challenging! var pp = base2.DOM.Element.querySelector(document, wFORMS.behaviors.paging.CAPTCHA_ERROR); } The AgeWell program was started in West Roxbury because, with 25 percent of its residents older than age 60, it has the highest concentration of elders of any Boston neighborhood. } Ethos | 837 followers on LinkedIn. ©2019 by Ethos West Construction, Inc. TESTIMONIALS & REVIEWS. } This workshop is conducted in one-hour sessions, twice weekly, for 12 consecutive weeks. }; Learn More. Inquiry Learn More. Pennsylvania #tfa_1874-L, Palau label[id^="tfa_2750["] { } #tfa_2215-L, Boston Money Management Program #tfa_1874-D, #tfa_2730-D, label[id^="tfa_2746["] { This 12-week program is for those who have taken the Tai Chi for Seniors workshop and would like to practice on a weekly basis with an instructor or experienced student. errMsgDiv.className = "err errMsg"; Northern Mariana Islands SHINE (Medicare Insurance Counseling) "),a=0;a #submit_button {display:none; } Colorado min-width: 0px; DisabledYesNo } THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO THE EVOLVING SITUATION REGARDING COVID-19. Nutrition (Meals on Wheels, Community Cafes) } standardCaptcha.parentNode.removeChild(standardCaptcha); Email document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-render-div").getAttributeNode('id').value = 'tfa_captcha_text'; Ann Glora, the healthy aging program manager at Ethos, said they were having a volunteer appreciation night at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain April 23 at 5:30. } #tfa_2746-L, errMsgDiv.id = "tfa_captcha_text-E"; Connecticut Ethos is Shingo’s brainchild and is deeply passionate about Ethos’ mission of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses. min-width: 0px; #tfa_2606, var standardCaptcha = document.getElementById("tfa_captcha_text"); This program allows the senior to work one-on-one with a student to learn basic technology skills. } min-width: 0px; Ethos West Roxbury at Cheriton Grove 20 Cheriton Rd, West Roxbury, MA 02132 3er Mi., 12:30 - 2pm 172. #tfa_2598-D, } // using this var to denote if captcha is loaded Marti Calderone joined Ethos West in 2017. } AgeWell takes a multi-faceted approach to healthy aging by helping older adults connect with each other, the community and to available resources. *[id^="tfa_2729["] { 'sitekey': '6LeISQ8UAAAAAL-Qe-lDcy4OIElnii__H_cEGV0C', width: 260px !important; Ethos West Roxbury at Roche Center 1716 Centre St, West Roxbury, MA 02132 V. 11:30am - 2pm (r(document),r(window),r(f.prototype)):f.prototype.hasOwnProperty(u)&&(i(window),i(f.prototype)),a.on(u+"-start",function(t,e){var n=t[1],r=s(n,"nr@wrapped",function(){function t(){if("function"==typeof n.handleEvent)return n.handleEvent.apply(n,arguments)}var e={object:t,"function":n}[typeof n];return e?c(e,"fn-",null,e.name||"anonymous"):n});this.wrapped=t[1]=r}),a.on(d+"-start",function(t){t[1]=this.wrapped||t[1]})},{}],6:[function(t,e,n){function r(t,e,n){var r=t[e];"function"==typeof r&&(t[e]=function(){var t=o(arguments),e={};i.emit(n+"before-start",[t],e);var a;e[m]&&e[m].dt&&(a=e[m].dt);var c=r.apply(this,t);return i.emit(n+"start",[t,a],c),c.then(function(t){return i.emit(n+"end",[null,t],c),t},function(t){throw i.emit(n+"end",[t],c),t})})}var i=t("ee").get("fetch"),o=t(24),a=t(23);e.exports=i;var c=window,s="fetch-",f=s+"body-",u=["arrayBuffer","blob","json","text","formData"],d=c.Request,l=c.Response,p=c.fetch,h="prototype",m="nr@context";d&&l&&p&&(a(u,function(t,e){r(d[h],e,f),r(l[h],e,f)}),r(c,"fetch",s),i.on(s+"end",function(t,e){var n=this;if(e){var r=e.headers.get("content-length");null!==r&&(n.rxSize=r),i.emit(s+"done",[null,e],n)}else i.emit(s+"done",[t],n)}))},{}],7:[function(t,e,n){var r=t("ee").get("history"),i=t("wrap-function")(r);e.exports=r;var o=window.history&&window.history.constructor&&window.history.constructor.prototype,a=window.history;o&&o.pushState&&o.replaceState&&(a=o),i.inPlace(a,["pushState","replaceState"],"-")},{}],8:[function(t,e,n){var r=t("ee").get("raf"),i=t("wrap-function")(r),o="equestAnimationFrame";e.exports=r,i.inPlace(window,["r"+o,"mozR"+o,"webkitR"+o,"msR"+o],"raf-"),r.on("raf-start",function(t){t[0]=i(t[0],"fn-")})},{}],9:[function(t,e,n){function r(t,e,n){t[0]=a(t[0],"fn-",null,n)}function i(t,e,n){this.method=n,this.timerDuration=isNaN(t[1])?0:+t[1],t[0]=a(t[0],"fn-",this,n)}var o=t("ee").get("timer"),a=t("wrap-function")(o),c="setTimeout",s="setInterval",f="clearTimeout",u="-start",d="-";e.exports=o,a.inPlace(window,[c,"setImmediate"],c+d),a.inPlace(window,[s],s+d),a.inPlace(window,[f,"clearImmediate"],f+d),o.on(s+u,r),o.on(c+u,i)},{}],10:[function(t,e,n){function r(t,e){d.inPlace(e,["onreadystatechange"],"fn-",c)}function i(){var t=this,e=u.context(t);t.readyState>3&&!e.resolved&&(e.resolved=!0,u.emit("xhr-resolved",[],t)),d.inPlace(t,g,"fn-",c)}function o(t){y.push(t),h&&(b?b.then(a):w?w(a):(E=-E,R.data=E))}function a(){for(var t=0;t