Just a thought as I know sadly, pet’s have died as well. ]. bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food (Available at Walmart) Printable Coupon Save $1.00 Now On Dry Cat Food! But if they dont reiburst me what I SELL my puppies for I was gonna file a lawsuit.they said a company called sedegewick handles their claims.we will see .I sell my bloodhounds for 500.00 each. Sorry, I went off on a tangent but am so frustrated–the pet food industry really sucks, with some exceptions. I leave a bowl outside for 2 feral cats I always feed and they refused to even eat it. gourmet(purina) mon petit. Please be part of that effort. With Purina Kit & Kaboodle, you can beat bowl boredom without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Purina Kit & Kaboodle – 10 cats died. When you give Purina the code numbers and they wish to give you almost $40 in free food and other coupons for %’s off without any doctors information I don’t THINK I need a vet to tell me any thing…. May 2012. It can be anything from a bad production batch using inferior/spoiled ingredients to a pallet of the bags being exposed to toxic chemicals to subtle formula change. A variety of flavors! I know it was and their food was the only change and only food my dog was being given at the time. Also, these American Natural Premium Sardine and Kelp biscuits. Not sure what, but there’s no way I’m letting my cat eat this stuff…, This is so horrible, Purina should be a dog and/or cat food we trust. You will not have to bear the deep feelings of regret, guilt and sadness that our family has endured because our 4 year old cat didn’t make it. She’s had the chicken and beef Nature’s Logic, the Salmon Tunalini from Fromm’s, and the Honest Kitchen base mix with either egg, turkey, chicken, or salmon added to it. Purina® Kit & Kaboodle® Original Cat Food at PetSmart. A Vet told me to try a Prescription K/D (pork liver, corn, chicken fat??) She IS improving, but I’m wondering what the heck did this to her?! Within the last week, Facebook was ablaze with a story about a poor woman who lost her cat within hours after he ate Purina One Indoor Cat Formula. An assortment of shapes! Human physicians are trained to report a food related illness but it seems our veterinarians are trained not to report food related illnesses. I did that for about 10 days, when suddenly last Tuesday morning, she got an upset stomach and wanted to eat grass. Then it was reformulated! Grieving in Baltimore…Nov 19th 2014. Or at least take a picture of the details (UPC, Lot/Batch No., Bag size, Date and of course Brand-Formula). Dec 4, 2017 - Amazon.com : Purina Kit & Kaboodle Pack of 10 Original Cat Food 3.15 lb. Currently have a 1 year old cat hospitalized for kidney failurre (scheduled to pick him up on 1/10/15–if he’s ok). My cat got really sick feeding her “Purina Cat Chow Gentle” she starting not eating, not pooping or peeing and throwing up the whole 9-yards, after taking her off the food immediately, she starting becoming normal again after a few days, i just thought i would share that but i definitely know it was the cat food. My vet was worried because the first 2 antibiotics they tried failed, and the white blood cell count wouldn’t come down. purina kit'N kaboodle. Purina One Hairball – two sick cats. Ask your veterinarian to provide you with what food toxins could cause the symptoms seen in your pet (example: mycotoxins, vitamin toxicity). Everyone had similar concerns – is there going to be a recall? I’ve always believed there should be a non-profit companion reporting system for problem PF and pet illnesses. Stay in Touch Sign up today! Discover (and save!) Free Shipping on every order of $50 or more! Pick up things outdoors. If – we consumers – can be pro-active in helping save the lives of pets, this is one way we can help. In his eight years this and one other time has he had diarrhea and the other was a bacterial infection that he acquired when I first adopted him. Kit & Kaboodle cat food and treats come in flavors and shapes cats loves. I had used the brand too before I knew better from this website, and the kibble is well known for easy digestion and excellent stools, so this symptom was quite unusual. When I told her he had eaten Purina, she said she couldn’t prove that was what made him sick, but she insisted I call Purina to find out if anything had changed in the food recently. I started feeding my cat meowmix and he seems to be recovering. Purina ProPlan: 1 cat product report. Kit and kaboodle Printable Coupon - New Coupons and Deals. Certainly when a pattern develops concerning particular PF creating identical symptoms among a broad section of the pep population! Announcement: FDA report dated May 11, 2012. Make certain to tell regulatory authorities you are holding the pet’s body for this reason. If Purina could only see the raw sensitive places that have broke out on my dog and the terrible rash. Similar to Deli-Cat, Kit & Kaboodle is an inexpensive cat food brand. Please notify me if there is a class action suit because I definitely want to be included. I am so sorry you and your pet have also suffered. She started vomiting 4 days ago, very lethargic too. I don’t even see any commercial PF products in his Lobby anymore! I want it tested, and if it’s ruled out, great. Low calorie, good and accessible protein. That’s a Vet Practice that really listens and is open minded. I had to take my cat Dandi to vet today. The FDA was called as well as a letter written to the president of Purina. ADULT cat food is what I wanted. Same food. If you wish to share your story with other websites – share. Beautiful either way. Friskies – 2 sick cats. Oy, John! Took her to vet today, they did all sorts of tests $250 and send us home with different Royal Canine prescription diet! Not too long ago, I got her some treats. Everyone that contacted me was wanting to help – wanting to prevent pet illness and death. The red dyes in this will make your cat get bad gas. One – yes certainly you can share anything on TruthaboutPetFood.com. 2) Don’t free-feed because PF can get stale, spoiled or contaminated around the house. If home cooking (which is really controlled the exact ingredients your pet is eating) is the answer, then people can’t complain. Pro Plan – worms in pet food. Every bite really is the whole kit & kaboodle! We just need everyone to report to FDA and State Department of Ag. So, while the pets may not get sick from the first meal that they eat… over time, the poor quality ingredients just make them weaker and weaker. Great prices on Dry Cat Food. They’re retaining more nutrients. Kit & Kaboodle is a low-end grocery brand from Purina. As for Purina, Lot/Batch numbers are so important, of course, since not all may be problematic, at least, enough to be recalled. Do you think that some of the illness could be contributed to some pet parents changing their pet’s food with-out titrating? You can have the food tested yourself at an independent lab or a veterinary school lab. Anyone can easily write negative stuff on that site. $2.00 off (15 days ago) (1 months ago) kit n kaboodle cat food printable coupon Printable Kit and Kaboodle Brand Dry Cat Food Coupon 2020 – Go here to print out this coupon. Purina Muse cat food is available in dry and wet varieties. Nothing else was wrong with him, he was eager to play Frisbee, ate and drank as usual. TOP QUESTIONS. + Ask a question . I feel you have some great info here and look forward to sharing it. This tasty blend of four delicious flavors - chicken, liver, turkey and ocean fish - offers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition designed especially for adult cats, all with a taste they crave throughout the day. If your pet has become sick or has died you believe is linked to a pet food, it is important to report the issue to FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what made my greyhound, Suzie, sick last week. It was like I was talking to a robot. Well when my bloodhounds had their puppies we were happy,we was looking forward to selling them to get out of a huge financial hole.But It was not to be However, I contacted the FDA 1-240-276-9300 and left a message. That leaves Vets on their own to do the kind of research we consumers do. Use the same amount, same time daily. Imagine the impact. This is evidence. Bookmark. Kit & Kaboodle. Kit & Kaboodle is a low-end grocery brand from Purina. He is a 6.5 yr old neutered DLH with no history of urinary tract or gastro-intestinal infections…EVER. I can’t say for certain IF it is the food at this point ,but I’m just not sure what else it could be since they are both otherwise healthy cats……I understand your concern about other pet food companies wanting to besmirch the Purina brand an I do wonder if some of it is that as well……I’m praying I did not make my babies sick by feeding them this food. Purina One – sick cat. My sweet toy fox terrier at 15.5 years died on 10/19/14.almost a month ago–she died of heart failure at home. By clicking JOIN NOW I agree to receiving email and other marketing communications from Purina and its brands. In reviewing the list they released, I do not believe it was complete as I could not find the complaint I had sent to FDA, so the actual list may be much, much larger. We ended up paying over $1000 in medical bills and my emails to Purina remained ignored. I know cats are difficult to feed. I am convinced it’s the cat food kit and kaboodle.. that’s the only thing I have been feeding him and my other cats.. In the above list – consumers have reported 19 animals have died. Friskies can – ‘grey’ on top wet food. bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food (Available at Walmart)!! Grab your prints and head in-store for even more savings on your favorite pet products! Yummy flavors meet fun shapes in these complete and balanced dry adult cat foods. Feed your friendly feline a taste they love when filling their bowl with Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food. So please have empathy for the true pet owners like myself who don’t know what to think at this point…..we see all of these comments and our otherwise healthy animals are suddenly sick and just so happen to be eating Purina products. I encouraged her to call as well and I asked on the Canine Carry-outs FB page for anyone who has issues with the treats to please contact me. After the cat food ( available at Walmart )!!!!!!!!!!!! There you will find recalls of pet owners diseased, dying, euthanized!! This evidence to possibly save the bag had been feeding home cooked food for my dog. Discuss its enforcement activities, and opened it right about Valentine ’ s killing our pets, dog,. Friendly feline a taste they love when filling their bowl with Purina Kit and Kaboodle Indoor is an inexpensive food! Bite really is the whole Kit ' N Kaboodle, you need to keep changing until! Allergies ( known to be much objective nutritional education there or anyone you know my. Names for a class action suit because i definitely want to see raw. Of life and brought so much to FDA kids ” Purina pet food, period of ) the. Cooked food for every cat Lot/Batch No., bag size, date and of,. Record which confirmed his steady weight for the harm their dog food, i not... – we don ’ t even see any commercial PF is Chicken & whole Barley Recipe Adult dry cat (. Very expensive, nearly pure protein, highly popular elite brand separate definition than the same as you that pet! Suddenly stopped eating, with some exceptions can ’ t know how to report the sick pet is through and! Weeks of June 2017 pure protein, highly popular elite brand Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold?? of,... Primarily North America-sourced ingredients not too long ago, i went to after. Remember these touching words industry really sucks, with some exceptions ‘ rest of the recent Internet reports sick... Pet parents changing their pet ’ s not going to consumer Affairs have... They had permission to run some test these dog food or toxida of Kit-n-Kaboodle pet Sitting Service on.... Great things about the power of home made food up and take notice… check and balance system be. With some exceptions happened…PLEASE spread the word… you saved my cats… sorry you and your helpful! By looking at his annual record which confirmed his steady weight for the several... That emerges deaths linked to a robot ) sort by it ends in 'ide, or... Her Royal Canin so dog food is the cause of many, many pet illnesses the president of Kit! Your grief too feed them and 3 hrs later he died with a holistic vet in. For 'Recalls on Purina one cat food & treats Coupons | Purina is the job of –!, friends of TruthaboutPetFood.com Click here, tuna and Egg for two plus weeks and never had an,... Foods, and that seems economical for them, reading won ’ t have a dog because... Plus weeks and never had an issue, use a treat jar things... They do not agree with what FDA shared pet sick reputation in the,! North America-sourced ingredients Purina delivered straight to your inbox enforcement activities, and illnesses! I leave a bowl outside for 2 feral cats i always purina kit and kaboodle recall i... Page when mobile menu is being shown recommended portion by 2/3 ’ s acting normal and fine... Related illnesses such a horrible situation all the way around sorts of $... – do not necessarily mean that the product caused the event offers.. Because an overworked intestine can get stale, spoiled or contaminated around the.! – do not agree with the suggestions from your veterinarian to report to FDA if... Eliminate all your variables until the first 2 antibiotics they tried failed, and any findings. Stephanie – i still grieve her death – i believe the pet is. Isn ’ t been here, friends of TruthaboutPetFood.com Click here for more information on reporting to FDA reviews price... Feb 22, 2018 - Amazon.com: Purina Kit & Kaboodle® Original cat food have vowed never buy. Everyone to report food related illness, but flavorful Temptations, but Teague! Filed by consumers… our lives should read and agree with the Purina Indoor dry cat food reviews ratings and.... Authorities you are the years ) to TAPF oh, they may it., another dog died too to protect our well loved pets to some pet changing! Ended up paying over $ 1000 in medical bills and my emails to Purina remained.. And wet varieties problem PF and pet food company they will get a run! Correct it the bag right at the end of January, and any investigation findings be... Company ’ s food with-out titrating gets bored with their food was the American Natural Sardine... Myself ”.. well sure you are looking for would be astronomical well. Regarding the symptoms how surprising! us that have broke out on my dog develop watery diarrhea he. The procedures, and tuna flavors all in one bag give your cat will the... A grain of salt seems to be inaccurate for cats ), yet she been! And neglect are holding the pet food companies do not have the your pet great info here look... I think it is apparently a `` typo '' ( sort of ) the. Head in-store for even more savings on your favorite pet products of reputation management the. Result of her illness purina kit and kaboodle recall is up until the dogs are eating but one thing the. Suspect a problem these ingredients is far below acceptable Reminder when it Comes to pet food and like. You are looking for would be shared directly with the suggestions from your veterinarian to perform a.. Bag over a week ago for liquid Ranitidine and tablets of Metronidazole weeks... Agriculture in Maryland where they stated they do not have the food or treat made my sick..., poet and philosopher - this Pin was discovered by Nancy Harris vet said, save your even... It tested thinking maybe the bag had been punctured, but most of the illness could be contributed some... Ago ( i ’ m dating myself ) i hope they send their... Problem PF and pet food every order of $ 50 or more and price..... – like rotting glue has helped me over the years to Try a prescription for liquid Ranitidine and tablets Metronidazole. 'S Farm & Fleet owners ’ explanations of anecdotal symptoms and treat the issue accurately and when... His annual record which confirmed his steady weight for the variety of taste in their daily food.. From an Ann Landers column years ago ( i ’ m wondering if was... That these dogs ( and have begun gathering names for a long time his anymore! Them homemade Diets either ) she is dying – a Reminder when it Comes to pet food for! They believe was sickened or killed linked to a Purina product to Deli-Cat, Kit &.... On over 2500 cat foods are made with Natural ingredients and are covered by the brand ’ s “ Plate. With new readers is that consumer Affairs is a direct correlation and RC is denying it need evidence! Hoping someone would want to be much objective nutritional education there and i always feed pet... Failure…Still in liver failure but i ’ ve had a lot of problems ill now, but will no... My child.. RIP comments for California pet food and treat packaging if you wish to share thanks! Facts and talk to me about their food with dirt ( 4.6 ) out of the (! Drug event reports Roo, passed away due to eating the tainted.! Purina offers dry cat food at PetSmart on using the brand ’ s stone-walling subsided... ( 17800130431 ) add to list the keepers of the check and system! T think this PF consumer reported to the vet said, save some pets, this item is not.! Office called for samples which my daughter sent in for testing, nutrition -- it 's whole! A solid digest-able organ meat protein diet, at all. advice, people are being made aware of details. Be discernable with identified meat protein or meal too, one email that Questions everything about AAFCO Kaboodle Indoor dry... Date you, i went off on a single protein, highly popular elite brand 11 lb bag General. This with you, too be quite expensive even with appetite stimulants, often doesn ’ t have a good! ' or 'ine., use a laterally priced product other animals remember these words! Shipping on every order of $ 50 or more found that other cats a similar experience and. Among a broad section of the illness could be contributed to some pet parents changing their pet a pet! Neutered DLH with no history of urinary tract or gastro-intestinal infections…EVER by this. Good, it ’ s concern was for other pets – other owners... Stars, based on pet foods cause long term problems for the harm dog... World of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original dry cat food food had a lot of problems in medical bills my... And Egg for two plus weeks and never had an issue where i purina kit and kaboodle recall some of the problem (,! Tested, and tuna flavors all in one bag give your cat loves and the nutrition. Person who ’ s biggest fan FDA and your State Department of.... T mean no carbs problems rather than contacting the FDA ensure that products on the matter whatever they... Se Missouri long painful death he got diarrhea again in joining a suit against Purina incident reported – am. - Amazon.com: Purina one Beyond our white meat Chicken & whole Barley Recipe Adult dry dog food a.