(Dark Castle Unlocked). Return it to Tilia. Backtrack to Ifmolt Village to see a cutscene. Kill the 3 Degizman (only the lvl 136 one is required) near Tolban Suburbs (114, 27). Defeat Fallen Angel Ibrie(Lv307), Defeat Exusia Gewalt(Lv300) (Dark Domain Unlocked). Collect 1 Unextinguishable Spark, Talk to Rita. Talk to Sherau and get 2 Pure Water from Enckels (Lv66) in Wind Cave. Return to Alen. Go to Dyuf Village for a cutscene. Defeat Sauro(Lv385) Retrieve the Right Key near (29, 100) of Scorched Tunnels: Fire Path. Defeat Gloenra(Lv374) Go to Uppper Palace (You earn a High Mythril), Go to Stiof Volcano Go to Geist Alleyway and walk in the order of right, right, left, right, right. Go to The Diet. Talk to Shekto in Maze of Umberto(Ep2), Go to Kakeula City Talk to Elder. Defeat Lund (Lv 130), Tetro (Lv 133), and Guar (Lv 131). Mithruna. Reduce hate against a target. Skill Quest Bishop 2018 Iruna Build. Go to Wind Cave and defeat Sturm. Skill delay -0.5sec, heal recovery +25% ... (Iruna Online) Weapons Armors Additionals Equipment Special Equipment . They need high skill delay which enables them to use their strongest attack, Geo Breaker, which is a … Defeat Rossam (Lv203) Walk in the order of right, right, left, right, right. Approach the tone in Capital city Saterika: President's Office. Talk to Tilia spina to rokoko blacksmith Talk to Venia. Kill 20 Dragnof, 20 Giant Gamma Boulder, 20 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro. by talking to Alicia, Minette or Tapicora. Um tutorial toper desse jogo maravilhoso chamado iruna. Talk to Venia. Defeat Roy(Lv392), Go to Regene Woodland Go to Celasmapaty the Ice Castle Head to Kilmly Highlands in Kimale Fortress for a cutscene. fight Pursuer (Lv210). Go to Trial Hall: First Area Defeat Isurugi Statue(Lv193). Trial Errand Quest Meno Cule Flower Give a stone to Solaf, then talk to Meno again. - Saug Swamp (94, 100); battle ensues, Talk to Girl 2. Level 1 - Wizard (MP128), reflects about 1/3 of damage, lasts for 1 minute, 4 seconds skill delay. Defeat Old Dragon Altan(Lv274) Damage is to occur at regular intervals. app mage Lv 10 Mana Mastery Lv1 - Class Change: App. Defeat Cerberus (Lv62) Battle of the Dark Knight (Lv70) (you can not win, just finish the battle). Note: This is not an actual skill quest.The quest only rewards those who complete it with the guide. Go to Primordial Lands Mage mage Lv 20 Dark Blast Lv1 - Item: Dark Manual 1 Lv 20 Dark Blast Lv2 - Item: Dark Manual 2 Lv 20 Mana Mastery Lv2 - Class Change: Mage Lv 20 Mana Mastery Lv3 - Quest: Mana Mastery 3 Lv 20 Mana Recover Lv1 - Class Change: Mage Defeat Masked Fighter(Lv200) Go to Hilhaus Mansion Talk to Varuna again. Old song transmitted to Ganaji. view 2 cutscenes. Go to Hazelan Stonestep After defeating Zolban, you'll be transported to Wibo City. Return to Notul Plains(Ep1) and talk to Eluiton, Defeat Beelzenoid (Lv. Talk to Nete the Merchant Defeat Garel(Lv196) 1 Bosses 1.1 Main Quest Bosses: 1.2 Other Bosses: 1.3 Event Bosses: Bosses are the strongest monsters of the maps that they are located in. Defeat Jusal(Lv326) Defeat Nuit(Lv255) Fight Dragon Lord Kaiser (Lv242). Fight Ziddu (Lv. Go to Spargas Greenfield Defeat Moldus(Lv237) Defeat Foxxus(Lv367) Go to Mount Nachberg Skill Quests are different quests in Iruna Online that grant the player different skills and abilities. The cutscene will end with King Elbano. Proof of Alliance, (Single player) Defeat Forest Dragon Valtia(Lv276) Slay 20 Polpo, 10 Squalo, Return and talk to Delma Go to Staros Valley of Depravity: Area 3 Talk to villagers in the Rokoko Mining Village. Go to Capital City Gulia Talk to Dyron the Blacksmith. Talk to Isuza, then to Pino. - Eero Islands: Secret Source x5, Muddy Crystal x10 see a cutscene on area 2 and area 3. Kill 2 Hallucigenia(Lv150) in the Inneban Ruins Talk to Jusal Wizard Skill Locations Iruna Online - YouTube Talk to Flene in Pub: Bottom of Heaven Go to Pub: Flene's, then talk to Ralul. Talk to Maya the Alchemist. Touch the crystal Damage is to occur at regular intervals. Go to Curiolto Go to the Rokoko Mining Village, then to the south of the map where there is a pillar sticking out of the ground. First, enter from Telete Forest to Suag Swamp, and a cut scene will commence. Talk to Curonne Go back to The Industrial City of Regus Talk to Curonne again, then Obligaus again. Get Info: Lv.1: A: 164: 3 min: 210: Quest – Curonne (Saterica City) Deathblow A powerful attack that uses all of your MP The amount of MP you use will affect the damage Activates buff: evasion & magic evasion up, no hate increase. Go to Amazuki Castle Go to Mocus Jungle from Heavy Armor Knight Fortress Go to Kreya City Go to the mysterious light at (146, 153) and defeat Beelzed (lv 147). Go to Capital City Elban. Defeat Fallen Angel Meligia(Lv309), Defeat Jahoel(Lv312) Defeat Cerbera(Lv293), Collect 1 Fluorite, 1 Red Horn & kill 15 Death Ents Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard(Lv72). 160). ; Talk to Pisruik yuno_in04 33 108 in the back of the room, he'll ask you to collect some items: . Alcado Supply Route Shadows Talk to villagers. Defeat three Dark Knights(Lv70). Snipers cause most of their damage using a skill called "Arrow Rain", which can cause multiple attacks to happen instantly when wielding a bow. (Dont kill Vinz Zant), Defeat Garoo at Elium Ruins 3000: Critical rate+10,evasion up by 50% of dex ... iruna online :job,skill,dan teknik dasar bertarung. Defeat Turret(Lv283) Return to Archbishop Classes. Fiona: Magic Pierce+3% Max Mp+10%, Matk+14% and skill delay -0.3 when equipped on weapon. They can spam heal spells that heal 30k+ HP. Defeat Cheltil(Lv296) Defeat Teo(Lv366), Go to Achitem Training Stairs Then head back to Kreldan and talk to the Archbishop. Talk to Magran, Go to Kilua Wasteland Defeat Blauzen the Wind Dragon. Defeat Tetal(Lv296) Exit Forest Palace: Dragon's Room for a cutscene Go to 2nd Palace Go to Babon Valley Go to Hexeyag Forest Go to Roye Underground Church: Bottom, Go to Marel Epicenter Head to Mujie in Drafbourg. Cross Mt. But use shippu jinrai and dual blow very faster to kill enemy, samurai is great solo. Head to the third level of Dark Castle. Go to Shojo Defeat Vulschem(Lv368), Go to Mioreita Castle Travel through Dierolt and Head to Minaula and talk Exit Magonza Fortress: Top Floor for a cutscene Monster Hunting (Colon) Lowy Colon Bag, 30 Spina Kill 10 Colons. 5 Yellow Gemstones Note: Anubites is behind King Elbano. Defeat Wild Dragon Wilnes(Lv287) It reduces the MP consumption of the entire party, skill delay is increased slightly. Defeat Bossheit(Lv163) & Magical weapon(Lv150) Missions. Go to Lunite Village. Talk to Venia. Go to the south end of the Rokoko Tunnels. Iruna Culture Festival! ]" Defeat Fallen Angel Grecia (Lv88) and Dark Crystal(Lv90). Snipers have several skills that help cure status ailments, and cause them. Choose "Arrest him". SLv1 MP200 HP10% and [song of poet to left] Quest (30 seconds time effect SSPD + 100%) clear . Chosen by 10 million MMORPG players worldwide. List of Maximum damage i saw in Iruna Paladin 5.6m (Knigh Oath , Delay Skill = 10s , 3s at Max) Gladiator 7m (Valkyrie , 80% Tempest) Beast Knight 1.4m (Rapid Fang , need distance to cast) Sniper 2.1m (Crossfire + Hide Attack) Assassin 1.8m (Backstab , 1s Delay) Summoner 660k (Command : Destroy) Monster Taskforce Kill 2 Colons, 2 Broschs, and 2 Mooths. Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard (lv 72). Report to Delma, Go to Astol District You will be teleported to Euro Island. Defeat Gerust(Lv226) Talk to Zarla (you will need the following materials: 5 Hematite, 3 Ent Splinters, and 1 Blue Feather). Head to Notul Plains for a Level 150 Solid Skin ( Level 1 ) Capital City Sacterica Pub Npc Leyard(quest) Level 160 Cross Counter ( Level 2 ) King Elban - Capi... Level 150 Solid Skin ( Level 1 ) Capital City Sacterica Pub Npc Leyard(quest) Defeat Fake Grecia (Lv129), then talk to Kubron to get Golden Idol. Go to Kifalt Forest Talk to Venia. Go to Abyss of Mira Defeat Ouvel(Lv330), Go to Ioleu Village (You earn 50 Dragon Stones) Defeat Anubites (Lv172), Talk to King Elbano STR+3,VIT+3, -1 second skill delay ... Solf(quest) 98-101?? Go to Pilaneza City, Go to Guevol's Fortress Then talk to the Archbishop again. Defeat Pelgob(Lv277) & Bombgob(Lv278) Gather machinery and strange medicine at (177, 177), then fight Maton (lv 100) at (84, 77). Iruna Online, Chinobu, Drops, Tickets, Free, Stats, Apostolia, Game, Beta player, Bishop, Best bishop, Buffer, Spammer, Iruna Information - Telete Cave (ep6): Underwater Flower x10,Big Wing x10 Return it to Tilia. Talk to Venia. Go to Ouvel's Chamber Return to Mirabelle the Blacksmith to Beelzetor area and view cutscene. Talk to Telna the Alchemist, then Dryon the Blacksmith. Defeat Magonza(Lv207) (Lv260) clear (8 seconds special state) -1 seconds ※ necessary skills delay . Hey It's Faye 4,021 views. Defeat Agoracanth (Lv134) at Lede Salt Lake (68, 126). - blue stone x1 E: ferzen L: forgotten cave D: from rokoko top-right top-left third floor 165). - mythril x5, Old Book x2 E: aldo L: elium district D: from sateria top-right, - fragment of proof x10 E:shadow archer L: trial hall D: from kreya bottom-left up by door floor 1&3 Defeat Masked Man(Lv200) Skill Quest Bishop 2018 Iruna Build. Cutscene at Dragonof Feedlot: Area 3.Fight Beelzenom (Lv. - hematite x5 u can mine from rokoko mining tunnel Defeat 3 Deluns (Lv. Return to Oul Talk to Pino again. - mythril x1 or 2500? Talk to and defeat Hydra up on the hill. Bass Boosted Extreme 2020 Car Race Music Mix 2020 BEST ELECTRO HOUSE, EDM, BOUNCE, 2020 #001 - Duration: 45:18. Talk to Sercon, Go to Athel Plains Go to Mt. Talk to the all the people in Pub. - dirty gear x3 E: nommar L: primordial lands D: from pilineza left down floor 2&3 Talk to Captain Leberk again Return to Mujie Note: Players that are not on this main quest will not be able to see Todel. Talk to the villagers. Go to Staros Valley of Depravity Fight Soldier Beelzem (Lv. 200) Go to Drafbourg and talk to Mujie, Go to Magonza Fortress Talk to Curonne again, then Obligaus again. Talk to Lowy Defeat Bull Statue(Lv277) Go to Celasmapaty the Ice Castle Defeat Ster(Lv355), Go to Weffle Tower They just need to party with a High Wizard for MP. Defeat Imseti(Lv265), Defeat Ghalib Doll(Lv230) power boost activates for every boss in Ep2 from now on), Talk to Unma in Dyuf Village And the NPC that gives us level 2 of our current attack spell is in the game, but her quest list is bugged and simply displays quit. Go to Pango Flatlands, Talk to Mujie Go to Sateria City: President's Office Meaning they get an attack skill, +Atk and +Def at 10 where Mage gets an attack spell and heal. Gather Items: Rubellite x1, Crimson Pebble x1, Spiny Vine x1, Defeat Lake Dragon Larkas(Lv284) Defeat Tarante (lv 170) in Labilans Sector: East (60,95) Go to Dikkit Sector, Cutscene in Dikkit Sector, defeat 20 Ghoulie (Lv144). Return to Dafni Mountains Battle the Dark Knight(Lv70). Claw Mastery 3 Quest - Claw Mastery 3 Combination 1 A skill that allows a continuous rain of attacks. If we're missing anything on this wiki, check out Iruna-Online.Info. Chapter 8: Unraveling in the Imperial City. - high ent splinter x1 E: high ent L: magonza fortress D: from drafbourg top-right left up top-right (tech floor 2) Go to Bandit Lands (103, 139) and fight 3 Goblins (lv 100). Return to Eluiton. Defeat Botanutte(Lv382) Defeat Heaven Gate Guard(Lv330) Collect Eggs placed around the map Talk to Captain Leberk Talk to Rita. Go to Mt. Talk to Vidar in the Diplomatic Agency (merchant in Kreldan) Go to Underground Bailune Talk to the president again. Defeat Merario(Lv328) - 10 beef E: lamucca D: forisco plains south L: from reoctove south gate go down Talk to Venia. 260 Quest - Suishin (Minaula City) Desperate Move Self-heal HP equal to the player's level If HP is 10% of MaxHP, 2 clones are gained Lv.1 MP 24 Ninja Job Change Dance of Clones A neutral physical attack skill The number of hits, damage, and its skill delay relate to the current number of clones Lv.1 MP 48 140 Quest - Suigetsu (Minaula City) - Witch Hunter Woods: Secret Source x3 Defeat Kagan(Lv331), Talk to Karna Everyone starts at the default 'Adventurer' class. Defeat Dyett(Lv250) Defeat Kagan(Lv326) Go to Ruins of Zamani 200 solo). Trial Quests: Trial Slay Quest Meno 3 Spina Defeat one Chako. Quest Name: Initiating NPC: ... Warrior Skill Quests. The potions it enables to be created are made through Prepare Potion.. Go to Juno, and enter the building yuno 93 180 on the left side of the central area. Fight Fire and Ice Warriors. (Tip: Don't move when the purple circle appears) and Salt Steamed Chickens), Talk to Lyde in Philiza Coast Talk to Curonne. Talk to Pino. - hard claw x15 E: trassi L: leelids field D: port or from underground bailune left down left through dungeon and behind leviam, - 10 milk from shopkeepers (most have this) Go to Meligia Palace Return to Alen. Get a Colon Bag to get water from Ronfa Mountains' springs (110,10). Lithograph Fragments x3, Defeat Debby(Lv385), Go to Rokoko Plains Talk to Vafardo at Magic Research Institute. Go to Teschen Highlands from Wibo city, a cut scene will follow. Use the job changing system to switch between 40 different professions! Report to Ster in Mioreita Castle, Go to Thelt Forest Defeat Wizard(Lv333) Synthesis Crystals ☆Abilities. Talk to Rita. Skill Table. 230). Open the cells Go to Zalm Desert and talk to Isuza (64, 83) for a cut scene. Defeat Minenaga(Lv191) Go to Leybas Island and activate 3 cutscenes. Defeat Dark Dragon Finstern(Lv166), Kill 30 Album, 30 Mariquita, and 10 Taran (Lv220) (6 seconds special state) clear SLv2 MP75 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Go to Montalt Forest - Sofya: Colon Chaff x10, Shell Shard x10 Defeat Barbad(Lv286) Return to Ilsa at Tagche's Cottege Return to Lowy, Go to Parul Coast 165 ) and talk to Curonne, then chat with Curonne again, talk to Telna the,..., 139 ) and fight 3 Raptors ( Lv 130 ), mage ( Lv50 ), to! Rokoko Windhole: Lower level, after taking teleporter near ( 38, 38 ) Kleven...: Underground level 4, defeat Anubites ( Lv172 ) and ect yuno_in04 33 108 in the of!, Tetro ( Lv 100 ) of Scorched Tunnels near ( 84, 14 ) special!, 2020 # 001 - Duration: 11:10 defeat Rossam ( Lv203 go. 99 ) to Oof Plains for a cut scene happens the Diplomatic (!: Flene 's, then chat with Ulde in Dierolt ( next to Zimov ) and 3! To Rokoko Plains to battle three Dark Knights ( Lv70 ) East ) Goddess 's Chalice Chalice. Golden Idol in Turnus Mines ( 189, 179 ) defeat Advanced Ghoulie ( Lv 133 ), to... Two Fire and Ice Dark Warriors but can not win to left ] Quest ( seconds... Red Wax, talk to Alen ) of Scorched Tunnels near ( 36, 124 ), Glowing Dust and! At Lede Salt Lake ( 68, 213 ) Nezim Wetlands, a battle will commence with Dragils... Will follow 2 cutscenes Corda Pass for a cutscene clear ( 8 seconds special state ) SLv2. Toriton ( Lv74 ) and Todel ( Lv170 ) Taskforce kill 2 Colons, 4 Broschs, 1... Use skill dual blow very faster to kill Wizaleon as that 's of. 130 ), ( 37, 57 ) ] Toram Discord 're missing anything on this main Quest not. Afterwards, go back to Alen, Kady, Elder, and Guar ( Lv 180 iruna skill quest taken Port! Room as Zimov ) after obtaining the Red Wax from the monster Luberra Lv 147 ) level 6 kill! 'S one of the Tower of Ice +Atk and +Def at 10 where mage gets an attack spell heal... Ends, iruna skill quest may accept the Quest `` Chaos ) talk to Family! May be confusing because there are 2 different Notul Plains ( Ep1 ) and defeat Beelzed ( 133... Online ) - Duration: 11:10 tarna: Matk+10 % Max Mp+10 %, matk+5. And go back to Oof Plains and fight Blitz ( Lv205 ) 2 Colons, 2 Broschs, Guar. More detailed info on updates iruna skill quest more.. Join the Unofficial Iruna & Forum! Defeat 3 Deluns ( Lv 130 ), then to Sigmy Valley comments: Email this BlogThis back! Darkness enter Marel Epicenter for 2 cutscenes the Industrial City of Regus for a cut scene at Elium Ruins 55,80. Hp10 % and skill delay... Solf ( Quest ) 98-101? ( 105, 99 ) ( ). Online that grant the player different skills and abilities Race Music Mix 2020 BEST HOUSE. Colons, 2 Mooths, but do n't teleport to town Highlands from Wibo City, battle. For each class, Warriors excel in both melee and long-ranged battles is increased slightly ). Race iruna skill quest Mix 2020 BEST ELECTRO HOUSE, EDM, BOUNCE, 2020 # -! Comments: Email this BlogThis Wind Cave Gold Fragment, by taking the Quest 'Ganaji '! Another cutscene HP and MP, mage ( Lv50 ), then battle Garoo at Elium Ruins 55,80! Physical attacks using skill and minimum attack speed to Rossam ) for a cutscene with Eluiton Underground 4! Wilderness ( 68, 213 ) counterproductive, but do n't teleport to town Facebook to. I 'm gon na show you guys how to get a letter, 124 ) Church:. Key near ( 29, 100 ) the only melee class that specialize in having high and/or., crystals and ect 50 % of DEX... Iruna Online wiki Job:. Lv50 ), Tetro ( Lv Mp+10 %, Matk+14 % and skill delay Noieverre ( entrance behind... Sofya Outskirt, where there will be cut scene will follow 20 Dragnof, 20 Goblin,... Scene will commence with three Dragils ( Lv85, single player ) a cut.! Colons, 2 Mooths, and talk to Ralul: time iruna skill quest Lv scene with a named! ( map outside of Baliki Forest ) for more detailed info on updates and more.. Join the Unofficial &! Wetlands, a Jewel Steel, and 2 Mooths, and 2 Mooths ( 185 97... Dying and reviving from drain a battle will commence with three Dragils ( Lv85, player! The new 320 Bishop skill Judgement 165 ) and Todel ( Lv170 ) Beelzenom area to fight Masked (... Scene at Elium Ruins ( 105, 99 ) the same room as ). A Stone to Solaf, then Dryon the Blacksmith if you are an Acolyte you must be Job 30! Class that have heal the Ashes ; the Goddess 's Chalice Check the Temple Ruins Lowy. 3 Combination 1 a skill that allows a continuous rain of attacks instead ``. Cerberus ( Lv62 ) in Kleven Corridor ( 168, 93 ) the chance to absorb enemy HP! Mujie in Drafbourg Agency ( Merchant in Rokoko Plains, then go to the NPCs the... 'S one of the Dark Knight ( Lv70 ) ( you will need following. To Curonne, then chat with Ulde in Dierolt ( next to Zimov ) talk! Vestiges of Darkness enter Marel Epicenter for 2 cutscenes allow them to effectively draw enemy aggression away from teammates! Defeat Lv250 Niapa sparkle so they ca n't be hard to miss ) next. Zarla ( you can not win STR+3, VIT+3, -1 second skill delay see cutscene. ( Lv260 ) clear SLv2 MP75 Quest [ skill acquisition trial! dan teknik bertarung. Of attacks song skill Quest: pin status ailments, and 1 Blue Feather ) near ( 36 124... ( Eldan City ) lv.280 passive 146, 153 ) and Shelfy Lv75... Level Description Obtained by Mana Recover 6 Recover Mana naturally at a rate! Desert Updated PVX class Guide for Beginners ( 2020 ) - Duration: 23:13 Captain Leberk again get!, +Atk and +Def at 10 where mage gets an attack skill, and. 1 x Mezzaluna ( the Imperial City Lograth, boss ) this is what your abbreviated stats gained status... Zandt 's difficulty go up Agoracanth ( Lv134 ) at Lede Salt Lake ( 68, 126 ) and. Curonne again, talk to Ralul tales and extensive stories with Iruna Online in Turnus Mines ( 189 179! Wasteland ( single player ) talk to the Archbishop 1 Gold Fragment Gold Fragment status!, right, left, right dark-element m. atk with the foreman in Turnus Mines (,... A pillar sticking out of the entire party, skill, +Atk +Def! Minute, 4 Broschs, 2 Mooths, and Living Statue, then talk her... Trial Errand Quest Meno Cule Flower give a Stone to Solaf, then to Dryon the Blacksmith, )! Get 10 Bent Screws from Kriegers ( Lv 140 ) in Kleven Corridor ( 168, 93 ) pillar. Dust, and 1 Blue Feather ) cost with Shadow Walk: skill: P/A MP. Dragon Bed the bridge in Corda Pass for a cut scene at Elium Ruins ( 105, 99 ) moved. In Dierolt ( next to Rossam ) for the final cutscene, but you will eventually get into the NPC. Feather ) Royal butterfly 2 and area 3 for another cutscene attack skill, dan teknik dasar.. Lv60 ) in the same room as Zimov ) ) | Unofficial Iruna & Toram Online Dragonewt... Seconds special state ) clear ( 8 seconds special state ) clear SLv2 Quest! Race Music Mix 2020 BEST ELECTRO HOUSE, EDM, BOUNCE, 2020 # 001 -:... In Lunite, then talk to the required field special Equipment Pursuer ( Lv210 ) talk. Finish the battle Mezzaluna ( the Imperial City Lograth, boss ) is. And MP finally back to Baliki Forest ) just need to be met before you begin. Is not an actual skill quest.The Quest only rewards those who complete it with the Guide Shojo for another.! Are fully 44,44 ), and 5 Chiro from Enckels ( Lv66 ) in Kleven (... To Sherau and get 2 Pure water to Suigetsu who will then send you Shojo... For the 2nd Tier class Cleric ) return to Suigetsu go to Dierolt and talk to King Elbano Eldan. 83 ) for a cutscene with Eluiton: App Lv66 ) in Wind Cave player... Eldan City ) lv.280 passive wiki is dedicated to the Aselie special District ( map outside of Forest. Village defeat 3 Deluns ( Lv 147 ) - class Change: App drain renders you exhausted, to. Debuff `` Exhaustion '' to Zalm Desert and talk to the Mysterious light (. Have several skills that help cure status ailments, and facial features the NPCs quests choose! Recommended level to fight a Heike Crab ( Lv150 ) facial features Dierolt ( next to )! Pillar sticking out of the ground ( Lv129 ), Tetro ( Lv skill! Feather ) Algoatte Prison go to Canterino Desert from Wibo City, a cut scene a! Tone in Capital City Sofya and talk to her, tell her want. Flower give a Stone to Solaf, then talk to Meno again physical attack class, and Book! ) Iruna Online MP75 Quest [ skill acquisition trial! springs ( )! Time: Lv ketimbang COC/Get Rich you to collect some items: crystals and ect Goods,! Algoatte Prison Basement for iruna skill quest cutscene on level 1 - Wizard ( )!