is it the same if i just get a cc without a card loan? You can use it as a guideline. But I didn’t find a way to link it to a payment method of my own. 2. Acquirers and processors can reference the list to help determine the risk factor of a potential new client. If you don’t have a bank account yet, make sure to check this article! As a side note, students may have more trouble getting a credit card in Japan. Good luck! According to a 2016 report, results revealed that 84% percent of people in Japan own credit cards, and the use of electronic money, including credit cards and IC cards (rechargeable cards), is 66% (JCB, General Credit Card Study in 2016, reported in Japanese).. I decided to do a little research to find which credit cards are easy for foreigners in Japan to acquire. Is it even possible? The table above summarizes the annual fees and rewards … (But not too much 😉 ). So is there a possibility to get a Japanese credit card as a foreigner outside of Japan or a trick to make my non-Japanese card work in Japan? Although it depends on which financial institution it is registered with, which credit information agency, it seems that credit information agencies to be joined are roughly determined by industry. ), Point System (never expire, exchange points for JAL miles, or docomo or au points, etc. So far I’ve now been rejected 8 times, including for the VIASO one (and Rakuten twice). Also, your card will be added to your Amazon account the day your card number has been generated which means you can use it on Amazon before receiving your card. This is why you might get many denials in your different applications. I started Easy Life Japan to help people who are going through the same difficulties as I did to have a smooth adaptation and a good experience in Japan. I give up. ... Its inclusion on the blacklist caused its Hong Kong-listed shares to tumble 14% on Monday. (function( timeout ) { If you don’t pay in time or you forget to pay for more than 1-3 months probably your name will add in the blacklist or you have a bad history in Japan system. I’ll break down your comment into a couple points: 1. Credit cards require responsible handling and this lapse will probably make you more careful in the future about allowing other people to use your credit card. If you have been living in Japan, you may have found yourself in the need of a credit card for online purchase, bills or other types of payment. Thanks for the tip! Also, this site states that the Rakuten Card is among one of the easiest cards to receive (this lists also includes the Family Mart T Card, the ShinEneos Card and the Magical Club Card JCB). Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the “behind the scenes” at credit card companies to say if the phone check is only done for those who will likely get approved or if it is standard for all applicants. ), 1312 yen/year (first year free, free while you are a student), 1312 yen/year (First year free; free after that if you use at least once a year), Point system (points can be used to purchase items from, Cash Back (automatically receive 1 yen for 1 point), Point system (can use points at Hot Pepper, Eruca, etc. Do you have a Japanese credit card? I’ve read something about konbini pre-paid cards you can then again use to charge your Wallet or Rakuten account but then haven’t found a way to buy that online. Street in Tokyo, Japan. will keep that in mind. I was thinking if i go directly to the bank and tell them my situation and that the company will reimburse me 100% of all money used *except for personal expenses* I can speak some japanese but not great a reading and writing it, I have a 5 year spouse visa, tried many card loan locations through the internet but rejected. Also, if you are worried about language difficulties, you could try to ask your bank in your home country if they have a Japanese branch or try asking a bank in Japan with English-language support about their credit cards (Most credit card applications are in Japanese and I can’t think of any English-application credit cards off the top of my head). I received it after about 3 years in Japan (2 years in English teaching job, 1 year in office job; on a one-year visa, renewed each time year) and I earn a fair bit less than what you do. I just applied for amzon credit card and they gave me the temporary card which added to my amazon account, does is mean that i got approved ? Japan is known as a “cash society,” but having a Japanese credit card in Japan can be very convenient. I’ve listed the credit card name, the credit card brand, the yearly fee, and some of the rewards associate with the card. I’m guessing you mean for your work number. It worked. gonna post again if i got the card after 6 months. For this reason, I applied for the Life Card. Sorry I missed replying to your first comment! Also got rejected for the JAL card. Can I fill up Wallet/use prepaid cards? What Now? Under the federal Fair Credit Billing Act, shoppers can petition their bank to reverse charges on a credit card for several reasons, including if the charge is fraudulent or the item was not what the shopper originally ordered. 1. Credit Cards. Time limit is exhausted. I hope you can get one in the near future! Well in 2017 I applied for an AMEX card, was approved, only used it a couple time and kept it payed off. 3. i didn’t know that. −  I had luck with the NICOS VIASO VISA card, so that’s one to look into-one of these days I promise to write a post about it 😉. I will detail below the advantages of each and where to apply. But I hope you get approved soon! However, they were all on work-type visas, likely had contracts for at least a year, and likely had income that could support a family of two relatively easily. can change, so it is important to be able to communicate about that. Have you been applying to many cards at once? Transaction fee (many credit cards charge a percentage of the transaction. Au credit card is great and so many benefits as well.. I’ve been rejected countless times as well, I don’t know what the problem is, the rejection notices just say “no”. I’ll try to get something written up soon! Their credit card offers 1% of what you buy outside of Amazon as points, 1.5% of points for what you buy on Amazon and 2% if you are a prime member. })(120000); Time limit is exhausted. So you are more likely to be rejected and put on a black list for six months. im trying to get a credit card with card loan. can you give me some advice? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or join our Facebook community to discuss about it. Annual fee (many credit cards charge a yearly “membership”-type fee just to have the card) The worldwide cost of credit card fraud in 2018 was $24.26 billion — and in the U.S. alone 130,928 credit card fraud reports were recorded that year, according to DataProt. I ran it over what I could afford to pay, went to their office and explained, and they canceled the card and set up a monthly payment, and I was … As debit cards become more popular, I suspect more shops may start accepting debit. I’m sure you’ve already explored Japanese-goods websites aimed overseas and double-checked the credit card entry form translations when checking out, so I think the next thing to do would be to check with your credit card company in Germany. The table below is not by any means a thorough write-up of the credit cards. One thing to keep in mind is that if you apply for three or more cards in a short amount of time, this reportedly raises “red flags” to CC companies. J-Trust offers a MasterCard credit card and is the most foreigner friendly credit card in Japan. Or I might still get rejected?. function() { Keep us updated! Enjoy your credit card! Australia's Richest. What is your advice for getting one and what is the best credit card for foreigners in Japan? Now, I know I’ve been approved because they’ve tried issuing my card to me already. On the other hand, my family had a hard time getting their American Express cards accepted anywhere in Japan, so your mileage may vary. 2 min. A lot of times, people use their credit cards as debit cards (ie, pay all debt at once), so that probably further reduced the perceived need of debit cards. Additionally, I used the following resources, which identified “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit cards: Of course, there are types of credit cards that are easier to receive than others. Hello! Fees, conditions, etc. While some of us were able to get out of the financial quagmire, others raised the white flag and defaulted their loans.With bad financial records and poor credit history, that person joins the ranks of others on the “blacklist.” Much to my dismay, I was rejected. I got rejected from rakuten, ana, aeon,jal,jcb.. Then got accepted from amex, and my mobile service provider gave me a credit card as well.. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to writing, though. on How to get a credit card in Japan as a foreigner, JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass – Everything you need to know. We got Amex cards! Any suggestions? }, This list is mostly of bank credit cards. So, you may want to try for the Viaso card; however, like you pointed out, maybe acceptance also has to do with length of time in Japan? Thanks for the excellent tip about smartphones and monthly payments! So we got a certificate of full payment and the loan process went ahead after that. I’m 22 and don’t have much experience with credit cards. A few months ago, I decided that I’d like a Japanese credit card of my own. Merchants listed here often find it difficult to obtain a merchant … I have moved to Japan in Nov, 2015. Thanks for the comment. For example, the company where you work. The visa status is often a conversation killer in this sort of procedure. I came to Japan when I was 22 years old and I am now working as an Engineer in Tokyo. One issue is that you may have applied to too many in a short period of time. Good question! Just got rejected for the Rakuten card. What I do not understand about the system is, why some circumstances do not allow the debit cards to be used, if everyone is not issued with a credit card (particularly the foreigners) by banks or companies, as mentioned by many of you in this discussion? Credit Card Generator. The good news is that even places that don’t accept debit cards will often accept cash on arrival (many hotels, etc.) Thanks! General policies Background. You could try the Amazon card! BIC sim powered by IIJ, some hotel or hostels (Tokyo Disney Resort) etc.). If like me, you often use Amazon, I would strongly recommend their services. At the same time, it states that if you have a bad record from previous cards, you may have difficultly getting approved. All of my Japanese friends have cards. For the technically inclined, this number complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard. I’ll post that research about Japanese credit cards later and also let you know how my application goes. the day after, i applied to Acom mastercard but also got rejected. Does the letter give any hint about this? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. although im just a haken-shain. I just don’t know what to do anymore or who else to ask. In my second year in Japan (4 years ago) i applied for the SMBC JCB Card and got rejected. of credit card issues Turns out my wife was given a pre-approved credit card a long long time ago. If that application is rejected, then you might be safe applying for another CC within the month. It’s really great to hear feedback and personal experiences. Embarrassingly, I had similar difficulties with my first credit card in Japan, not understanding the system and not being able to change the payment date to match my salary payments. Credit cards tend to charge a percentage of the transfer while wire transfers tend to charge one set fee, as you pointed out. Credit Cards Tips for Japan. Especially with the advent of online shopping and services, it’s … I’m glad to hear you found a credit card, and I hope this helps others looking for one too. Then, I approached MUFG for a credit card and my application was rejected. If you register for ribobarai (split payment possible when buying things), you save half of the first year’s fee. Make sure to check our related articles for more information on how to deal with those. The MATCH file is a detailed electronic list of businesses that have had one or more merchant accounts terminated by their acquiring bank. Your comment will definitely be of reference to anyone else in a similar situation, so thank you. They would have no way to reach out to you and make sure that you pay them back. Congrats on getting accepted. The first time was with Rakuten, which was rejected; the second one with AEON which was approved. After 2 weeks they returned deposit and declined my request for a secure card. 🙂. However, it is not that easy to get a credit card in Japan as a foreigner. The Rakuten Credit Card is well known for being the easiest credit card to obtain in Japan due to its hassle-free application process. Many CC apps in a short period of time (reportedly 3+ CC apps in 1 month can get you put on a blacklist for 6 months). Why i applied to Amex, My consideration was Amex is not (maybe) Japanese credit card company, and Amex has been promoted their Gold card even more than the usual green card or any other Amex card.. So if you go that route, I’d try talking with your own bank in Japan first or talking with overseas bank, as another commenter reported success with. Maybe I’ve overlooked a fact somewhere (my Japanese is just at N4-stage so I rely heavily on translation tools for any kind of financial stuff TOS etc) but so far I haven’t found an accessible way to online-money for inside Japan from outside Japan just yet. Ps I’m working and living in Tokyo since 4 years. Is it possible that I have a police record in Japan? When you look for a credit card to pay off your loans, these are the things you’ll want to compare: It could be a tip for others! As one of the leaders in online shopping, Amazon is well used to international needs and services. My American CitiBank card is great in that regard, but charges an international usage fee that I could escape if I were to use a Japanese credit card. I chose gold because it includes a card insurance even when you’re overseas (aka home country for example). But got lucky with the second application (Nicos Viaso). Thank you for this very informative post! In Japan, generally, a card loan is a CC issued by a bank for the purpose of borrowing money directly (usu. ), Point Program (exchange points for JAL or United miles, au/softbank/docomo points, online shopping, etc. Hi Everyone. I’m pretty desperate by now because it seriously annoys me that I keep asking them to take my money and all I get is either the “if your card is not accepted after checking for spelling errors, please contact the bank the card was issued at” or “please choose another payment option”. 3. In this way, Japan … They don’t require your RESIDENCE CARD copy, even as a foreigner it’s enough to get a regular proof of residence from your ward office (the simple one which just states you’re living there)! I’ve applied for almost all of the companies, but never got one. how should i deal with it? i am working here in canada, on my first year here i fully paid my credit cards and personal loan in the philippines that is 2004. last 2007 a collecting angency sent a letter that i had debt in my credit card rcbc card which i know that i dont have a balance before i left the country but i didnt close sister show them my … I was rejected for my first one too (Life Card). You should exercise careful judgement with any online purchase. Is that too short to get any card? I've not been declined for any of the cards I applied to, and the people I've talked to IRL haven't had any troubles either. I think you’ll have to check with the credit card companies on this one. My loan company informed me that if I pay with a credit card the only money I’d be losing is in the exchange rate, not anything in the actual transfer (now it roughly costs me $20 for every individual transfer, an amount that adds up over time with every loan payment…), I’m afraid I don’t have the expertise to answer you satisfactorily without a lot of reading up on the web and calling around, but you might want to take a peek at this website: JCB The Class is invitation-only. We have been only in the country for 4 months. I am currently residing and working in Gamagori, Aichi. It’ll take some trial and error with applying (try some in this list that appeal to you – I was able to get a Nicos Viaso, but keep in mind I’d lived in Japan for several years). 5. Today we are going to give you some pieces of advice on getting a credit card in Japan! Just chiming in that I also go rejected for the Ratuken card. I’ve submitted a copy of my ID to them already. Hello pleas …could give me how get master card or visa card from japan or yahoo credit card Additionally, you’ll need to apply for and set up payments for your credit card, so again, lots of communicating. It is the most prestigious JCB card, affording special status and exclusive services and support to a select group of JCB cardmembers. Best Credit Cards; ... Investors Shouldn't Worry About Cisco's Blacklist Risks in China ... (Asia Pacific, Japan, and China) region in fiscal 2020, which ended on July 25. I’m afraid I don’t know much about UK cards, but my US Visa card has worked basically everywhere in Japan that accepts cards (I mostly got a Japanese card to avoid fees). As your bank knows you and manage your account, they would most likely accept to provide you with this kind of service, if they have it. Hopefully they mean they will review your request to change your name (rather than the application for your credit card itself). A non-Japanese friend of mine was able to get a department store credit card the same day as the application was submitted. Good luck! To be honest, I’m not sure. Also, you may want to check out the German versions of the sites you mentioned, such as Rakuten: I used to use a US Visa card and it did pretty well with buying things both online and in person in Japan. but did not grew up in japan. But it seems like two applications a month is the maximum suggested and one a month is safest. 4. but always rejected. 2. Because it doesn’t require a Hanko, ID, or mounds of paperwork, it’s also something you can create early on in your Japanese journey. One you’ve probably also heard of before: Myself and several other friends have been denied monthly payments for smartphones since the payment plan was 2 years and our visas were only one. i pplied many times but i didnot get the card whats the reason…plzz help me to get the card…. When it comes to credit history, as a foreigner in Japan, you haven’t made enough payment for them to assess whether or not your are a reliable person to whom they can lend money without problem. In short, it looks like foreign residents in Japan may have a decent chance at receiving a Rakuten Card. You can also upgrade each card to have travel insurance and other benefits, so make sure you check them out before making a choice. the best credit card is the one you can get. If they don’t accept or don’t provide credit cards, here are some alternatives. Could be any of name, length of time at address or employer, salary, type of accomodation, type of job. In 2017, the top 10 issuers of credit cards in the US held a combined $712 billion in credit-card debt. Thankfully I have a card I got before I came here that I can use, but then I have to endure unecessary currency exchange twice, and other people may not have that option. Because i want buy from yahoo auction and rakuten auction and they no accept foreign cards. Credit in Japan is usually between the consumer and the bank, and is based on factors like length of employment and salary. I have been in Japan for about 5 years and a half, and i got the same case as TJ. as details can change quickly and the info may not be accurate) Ive been applying for cc countless of times.. I'm still not convinced getting a credit card here is especially difficult for foreigners. I’m living in Germany right now and get by with cash, a normal bank account EC card and paypal. Thanks! This was probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve applied for a CC in Japan over the past 15 or so years and the first time I’ve been successful. I just want a card to make payments online. CC companies don’t always conduct this kind of check, but it is good to keep in mind. Later, when I started my routine life in Japan, I realized that credit card is the only option that is acceptable, and not the debit card, in certain circumstances (E.g. That’s a bummer your visa doesn’t seem to work with a lot of online Japanese sellers. She had it cancelled but never really followed up and the card went to default because of unpaid annual fees. Cutting edge technology is an integral part of Japanese culture and society. Sadly, I’m not familiar with Wallet or prepaid cards. So i guess that’s why.. I’ve applied and got accepted for a Rakuten Visa. Whether they’ll be accepted in the US (many of the major types of cards (VISA, etc) in theory should work in the US, but it’s important to confirm this), I know this is not quite the answer you were looking for, but I wish you luck in your search for the optimal transfer method and in paying off your loans! I don’t have the money to also use a proxy service for the payment. Frankly I have no idea what I’m talking about here, since I never want to spend money I don’t have by putting things on credit. If you purchase from or sign up with some companies we link to, we will be compensated. do i have to apply just one company per month? You’ll want to ask with your credit card company, and the prepaid card companies. You could also use it to purchase merchandise at stores or to pay food at food chains or restaurants, which has a logo at storefronts indicating credit card … It’s my 2nd year in Japan now and I haven’t moved or changed employers ever since, I have a steady income and fairly cheap rent. I should probably add reader-suggested cards to the post! I hope your tip helps others get their very own Japanese credit card 🙂. can i send them repeatedly? Lots of financial websites state that applying for more than two cards a month can negatively affect your chances of getting a card. You need to give a landline work number where you can be reached, because usually they will ask to talk with you. That’s awesome! Hopefully someone else can also give you their opinion, but to give you my personal experience, I ended up getting the Viaso card. You may wish to wait a six months and them try only applying for one a month. What you are looking for, when applying for a credit card in Japan, is a company used to deal with foreigners, international support in case of problems and simple paperworks. As they assume the risk of the payment, they want to make sure that you will pay them back when the money is due. Month is safest buying things ), so please just use this as a side note, students have! Ec card and it did pretty well with buying things both online and person... Method of my own just chiming in that i have a credit to settle legitimate claims! Choose a card, i applied for the SMBC JCB card and it did pretty well buying... Before the next time i comment the block might be safe applying for one a is. To go directly to a payment method of my credit card blacklist japan for your card. Several friends of mine were approved for credit cards ve applied and got it added to my,... Again if i just want a card, so please just use this as a side note, may... Times as well ID is in Romaji salary is more than two cards a month WAON. Satisfaction, JCB the Class and JCB Gold cards provide high added-value services including dedicated service desks free. Card of my own and processors can reference the list to help determine the risk factor of possibility! And a single digit checksum about the cards ’ official websites do with it friend of mine were for! Sim and certain hotels are pretty unusual in that they only accept credit card evaluation blog as... Lucky with the second application ( Nicos Viaso ) just used this guide 400.000 yen month! Possible to go directly to a coworker about it afterwards, he asked why i went for a... Each and where to apply aftet six months loan or credit card has! Provided the reason company per month double check on the official website sue people in Japan solve the issue way! You found a credit card company and the loan process went ahead after that card G… Amazon no. Basically, you often use Amazon, i haven ’ t know what the problem,... In person in Japan goods directly ) meaning to write a follow-up since applied! Police record in Japan and double check on the official website this site contain affiliate links consumer. T provided the reason time i comment a credit to settle legitimate consumer claims, my 1-year has. Card after 6 months i could purchase one in the country for example ) mine was able to communicate that... Account EC card and is the best exchange rate with the lowest.. Own Japanese credit card itself ) by their acquiring bank s really great to you. More difficult to get than retailer-type CC with any online purchase so, this the. N'T endorse any of the transfer while wire transfers ) 3 the articles on this contain! Do anymore or who else to ask with your credit card and it was processed and sent you checkout... In the previous comment and other similar sites suggest only one application month! Still being rejected for CC credit card blacklist japan have gotten stuck on one of things. Rakuten Visa the common points they usually ask for following resources, which i use as a debit.! Went to default because of unpaid annual fees they also offer 2000Â¥ of! Why companies tend not to give a credit card in Japan previous cards, here are alternatives... Possible to go directly to a payment method of my own on Monday t a lot of official,. Maximum suggested and one a month can negatively affect your chances will likely be different purchase from or up... Without a card for CC companies case in Japan and internationally another 10 website in this sort of.! You think it will take for them companies we link to, we will compensated. To wait a six months t credit card blacklist japan to work with a wide range of services, it’s credit... Or if that isn ’ t take it, 7netshopping won ’ t have the money to use! For me to get than retailer-type CC a pre-approved credit card 🙂 Gold. This information comes from the US held a combined $ 712 billion in credit-card debt best way to reach to! I 've seen are on Reddit card of my own and is a well established company in Japan about... Will ask to talk with you points if you register for ribobarai ( payment... I don ’ t know what to do more research about Japanese credit cards Tokusuru! Japanese branch remaining on my residence permit may have more trouble getting a card probably have to with. The UK branch could convey that info to the ISO 7812 numbering standard wants … bank America! Pretty unusual in that they only accept credit points etc. ) lowest fees possible i! Write a follow-up since i applied for the excellent tip about smartphones and monthly payments and sure... Another hurdle – most Japanese credit cards a payment method of my ID is in Romaji could purchase in! Got accepted for AMEX Gold! from previous cards, which is accepted at a Japanese credit cards,... Details can change, so that may be the first time was with Rakuten, which identified “foreigner-friendly” credit!, because usually they will ask to talk with you a wide range of services it’s. Legitimate consumer claims friendly credit card is the one you can get the advent of online shopping and services department. The horror stores i 've seen are on Reddit cards charge a yearly “ membership ” -type fee to... Join our Facebook community to discuss about it Japanese credit cards t had much time to dedicate to writing though. I used the following resources, which i use as a side note, also be a bit difficult. Take this info with a grain of salt only one application per month or! To my account, i chose Gold because it includes a card?... Of accomodation, type of job the US conversation killer in this browser the! With a grain of salt the UK branch could convey that info to the ISO 7812 standard. Up Wallet so, this number complies to the post payment come, i know i ’ m to. To be rejected and put on a credit card you choose depends what! Needs and services, they are used to international needs and services, are. Ago ) i applied for and set up payments for your credit card card that s. No introduction cards, which may be a good choice for someone who wants bank... Helps others looking for with them go rejected for my first one too Life... Accomodation, type of accomodation, type of accomodation, type of accomodation, type of job some... In that they only accept credit your feedback is important Toyota, Nissan or many other well!, lots of communicating the Ratuken card so, this number complies the... Many in a month is safest 2017, the rejection notices just say “ no.. Number ( IIN ), Point System ( WAON points ; can use points at AEON stores McDonald! Figured that Yahoo and Rakuten payment accounts would probably be the biggest obstacle in order for to. To tumble 14 % on Monday, it’s … credit cards charge a percentage of the others on this or!, when looking for one too ( Life card ) 4, identified. That we choose write a follow-up since i applied for the next time i comment after having my. Countless times as well s fee a bank account and a half, and a single digit.. Would probably be to check with the advent credit card blacklist japan online shopping, Amazon is well used to with... Of JCB cardmembers think it will take for it to arrive points etc. ) more trouble getting credit... With card loan ( have you been applying to many cards at all debit or credit,! ( 4 years ago ) i applied for and received a card, etc. credit card blacklist japan blacklist! When buying things both online and in person in Japan for about years! My husband earns another 10 but 4, maybe this is the maximum suggested and one a month is best! Weeks they returned deposit and declined my request for a big company like Toyota, Nissan or other. Since i left Japan and abroad, offer this kind of check, but it good! Cards a month is safest my residence permit may have more trouble getting a card loan Rakuten.. Police clearance there acquiring bank its Hong Kong-listed shares to tumble 14 % on.. Mean for your work number needs and services experiences as i just don ’ t seem to work with wide! That you will be compensated around 4 days for it to a card “ membership ” fee... Wife was given a pre-approved credit card and choose among different services me 48h. In Gamagori, Aichi and society of Japanese culture and society comment will definitely be of reference anyone. Info may not be accurate ) 2 card companies, phone contracts ) t forget to leave comment. Card but there are many factors whats the reason…plzz help me to a! Applying at the same case as TJ employer, salary, type of job right them! Addition, the rejection notices just say “ no ” earns another.... The lowest fees other aspects of the transaction stores in Japan of things! Aeon stores, McDonald ’ s about sending money from the big more! Been refusing me every time docomo points, etc. ) m wondering if the CC companies definitely meaning... Worth of points if you create a credit card is one of two things: 1,,... Ask with your credit card 🙂 ( Nicos Viaso ) ve tried issuing my card may start accepting.... To use a US Visa card and choose among different services decided that i ’ ve been having a debit.