This Behavioral Interviewing Techniques training course will provide intensive, interactive opportunities for the Participants to develop an understanding and practice of the interviewing skills. More Answers: Interview questions about achieving your goals. Reality: … The interviewer will ask how you handled a situation, and you will need to respond with an explanation of what you did. What do you do if you disagree with your boss? I decided that I would work my way up to department manager, and at that point I would have enough money saved to be able to attend design school full-time. Lo sentimos, tuvimos problemas al procesar tu solicitud. 2. What They Want to Know: If you’re being considered for a high-stress job, the interviewer will want to know how well you can work under pressure. 'Tell me about a mistake you made during a project or at a certain point in your career.' Behavioral interviewing
Based on the assumption that past performance is the best indicator of future performance
Asks probing questions about specific critical incidents in the candidate’s past that demonstrate behaviors necessary for job success
Focuses on job, not personality
... Other interviewing tips
Do far more listening (80%) than talking (20%)