Sample Health Care Interview Questions Below are fifteen different interview questions that are common in the healthcare field. Describe a time you provided effective patient or family education. Read about the top student loan forgiveness programs for nurses and find out if you qualify. Behavioral based interviewing is questioning used to determine how you will react in specific, on-the-job, situations. 1. Remember, interviewing is a learned skill. What were the results? Working in the ICU setting there are countless moments that make me proud to be a nurse and proud to be part of this amazing community. Knowing when to ask for help is important. Describe a time when you went over and above your job requirements. Tell stories about your punctuality, ability to meet deadlines and how you remain organized through it all. With this type of approach, also known as… This brought them closer together and the mother to tears. What could have been done to make it better? What happened as a result of the accomplishment? Healthcare IT Interview Questions Aug 14, 2016 Dave Newman Job Tips We all know that in order to move forward in our careers, we need to take that leap and apply for a new job at some point. 4. Most hospitals utilize a text feature to relay quick communication to the medical team. What was going on, and how did you get through it? Who was involved? What did you learn from the situation? I was the most senior nurse in the unit by over a decade. He's not only had experience in general interviewing for nursing jobs, but has also interviewed professionals specifically for pediatric nursing jobs. Failure doesn’t equal weakness. With that being said, not everyone will become friends in the workplace but working together is key for the successful care of the patients. How did you resolve the situation? Tell me about a time when you didn’t know the answer to something at work? What was the illness, trauma or injury? One healthcare system I worked for switched from paper charting to electronic medical records and computerized charting. So how does one break through the fluff? Tell a story about a family who was happy with your care. How did you manage this patient’s care while ensuring your other patients were adequately cared for? I worked with him over several months to get him potty trained and to improve his vocabulary. The third time, I left the patient’s room and went directly to the charge nurse. Additionally, Yee says that one of the greatest pain points in healthcare recruitment today is that nurses are so used to interviewing that their skills are very polished. Describe a time when you received negative feedback and turned it into something positive. It was obvious the patient was missing key developmental milestones and was becoming increasingly lonely and depressed. Share a specific story about a patient. Ideally, we never want to persuade a patient to do something. What issues did you have and how did you resolve them? Behavioral Health Link interview details: 7 interview questions and 7 interview reviews posted anonymously by Behavioral Health Link interview candidates. How did you ensure success? What might you do differently now? What did you talk about? Why did you feel dissatisfied? Healthcare job interview questions (and how to answer them) Tweet; Interviews are nerve-racking. After teaching families I ask them to repeat the information in their own words. Why did you choose to take the action? I put the must-do things at the top of the list and the things I would like to do at the bottom. It is important to admit that you make mistakes and to own up to them. Share how you handled the situation. What was your role in the mistake? 2. How did you correct the situation? Have you ever disagreed with your manager? Therefore, it is very important you provide an answer to each of the behavioral interview questions that shows you can already undertake the area being assessed. This means he has to peel back a few more layers to really get to know the candidate. Browse new opportunities and find the best fit for you here. Give me an example of an awkward situation at work. Perhaps they transitioned to a new computer system. It’s a good way for employers to better understand their candidates, and it’s a chance for candidates to show off their experiences. Behavioral interview techniques—The STAR approach. We suggest telling a story about a time you dealt with a co-worker who had a conflicting personality, a disagreement within your healthcare team, or a challenging patient case involving your team. 3. What was the result? What is your favorite part of your job? Were you able to talk through your differences? What do you find most difficult about being a nurse? How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome? Tell a story about a specific time when you had a difficult time getting a patient to agree to something at work. This often happens when there is a language barrier. This is another classic. What were the results? They often start with the phrase, “Tell me about a time when you…” Also known as STAR interview questions or behavior-based interview questions. What did you do when you had disagreements with a physician? We asked Dennis Yee, who has nearly 15 years experience in healthcare recruitment and who recruits for Valley Children’s Hospital, to share a few questions he asks in behavioral interviews that are specific to children's health. “There’s so many questions out there (and many of them are better than others) and you try to ask some of the questions on their clinical skills, their ability to handle stress, teamwork, communication. How did you know that you effectively communicated the piece of education? Patient Care Technician Interview Questions. We would like the patient to agree to it freely. 3. What was your motivator? I signed up for the exam and paid the fee so that way I had to take the exam. Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare interview details: 11 interview questions and 11 interview reviews posted anonymously by Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare interview candidates. What would you do differently now? From an employer standpoint, these questions give insight into what a candidate will be like and how he or she will react in specific circumstances. Telling Better Stories For Behavioral Programming Interview Questions Get the 7-day crash course! I spent my shift playing with the infant with age-appropriate toys and when the mother called to check in – I put the phone next to the infant. Watching a patient survive a code, take their first steps on prosthetic legs, or being in the room when a patient I told they are receiving a new heart are the moments we all want to be a part of. How did you remove yourself from the situation? July 2, 2017. Once the nurse was back from lunch, I spoke with her regarding the mother’s concerns. The setting may be an office or conference room and the format may be in … Getting a sense of yourself, how you work, and thoughtfully considering your interactions with coworkers will help you answer these questions with confidence and will help you to feel more prepared overall in your interview. How did you determine the type of care required and what was the decision process like? I once was floated to a unit that I had never worked in and wasn’t sure where supplies were located. What did you do when you realized the dosage was incorrect? Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a patient’s difficult family. Career Services. I had to not only handle my patient assignment but I also was to act as a resource to the other newer nurses on the unit. These questions give an interviewer an idea of how you would behave if a similar situation were to arise, the logic being that your success in the past will show success in the future. Describe a situation with a family where you had issues with poor communication. How did you know that the individual understood your explanation? Share a situation when you had to work with that child’s parents. Tell stories of challenges and follow up with key takeaways and learned lessons. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. What recruiters say. I discussed and validated her concerns. What might you do differently now? 3. Unfortunately, hand gestures and speaking louder doesn’t always work. To give a little more context, Yee has served as the president and board member for the National Association for Healthcare Recruitment (NAHCR), among other healthcare leadership positions in California. Interview Questions; Healthcare and Medical Interview Questions. Give a specific example of a time you were overwhelmed. What was the “silver lining”? If you are applying to work with us and we had two or three others applying to that exact same position, if we consistently ask—which we do—the same set of behavioral questions to the candidates, based on those candidates’ responses, we can then determine and make our decision based on who we feel is the best candidate for the position.”, He adds, “Versus, let’s say we were asking close-ended questions (asking for just a yes or a no). This ensures there is no miscommunication of information. I have had to lead code teams, respond to rapid responses and make difficult staffing decisions. What did you learn? 10 Nursing Behavioral Interview Questions (With Example Answers) 1. Behavioral-Based Interviewing is grounded in the theory that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. Describe the change and the steps you took to adapt to such change. During this transition, it was confusing and often overwhelming. One mistake that I will never forget is leaving the gastronomy tube unclamped with medication administration. Behavioral based interviewing is questioning used to determine how you will react in specific, on-the-job, situations. Asking these questions may revolutionize your interviews, especially if you seek to better implement a behavioral interviewing process. It was only after speaking with the social worker did we learn of her medication preference. So you've submitted your cover letter and resume for that healthcare job you want, and landed the interview. It is imperative that we use simple words to our patients and families who are not medically trained and utilize a teach-back method to ensure they understand the information that is communicated to them. Lead 9 Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers Behavioral questions can be challenging for interviewers to ask and for job candidates to answer. Find advanced degree programs (RN to BSN, RN to MSN, NP). Below are fifteen different interview questions that are common in the healthcare field. Practice 30 Providence Health & Services Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. Make sure the goal you share is related to your career. Share with us a time when you had a stressful situation working with a child patient. Includes explanations and what to look for in a good answer. Since many nurses have the technical skills they might need in a job, but they might not be a culture fit. What was the result of your actions? When interviewing applicants, healthcare employers often ask behavior-based interview questions to assess how the individual would perform their duties and fit into the organization. What did you learn? The parents were able to properly demonstrate how to transfer their child from the bed to the chair. 2 Based on: Top 10 healthcare interview questions and answers Updated To: Top 95 healthcare interview questions and answers On: Mar 2017 3. About 1.5 months after applying online, I received a message from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview. Whether you’re graduating from nursing school, rejoining the workforce after time away, or looking for a better career fit, searching for... 15+ Helpful Behavioral Interview Questions for Nurses, The Complete Guide to Finding Healthcare Jobs, complete guide to finding healthcare jobs, National Association for Healthcare Recruitment, How Michelle Used Relode to Grow Her Career. If you’re looking to find a new job, we can help! Healthcare interview questions. Application. Working closely with difficult coworkers can be challenging but it is important to remember the patient, their care, and family is the most important. What issues did you have and how did you resolve them? I was taking care of a 6-month-old twin during a specific shift. What was the situation and why did it feel awkward. The nurse was very upset and felt it was not my place to say anything to her regarding this. How did you handle the situation? Healthcare employers tend to lean towards asking behavioral-based interview questions. Give an example of a time you explained medical terminology to someone who is not medically trained. Talk about a time when you decided to take the initiative to complete a task or make an important decision. Describe the most difficult long-term change (involving organization, reorganization, job redesign, … In fact, studies have shown that candidates who are hired using behavioral interview questions are more effective at their jobs than those hired through traditional interview processes. Banner Health Interview Questions. What did you do? Explain the situation and why you felt pressured. It is important to be concise and give all of the important information. Tell a story about a hostile patient and your step-by-step actions. 2. While I didn’t become best friends with anyone from the unit, I was able to spend downtime reading and studying to earn additional certifications which helped me secure better jobs and opportunities in nursing. How did you know you did not communicate well? How did you go about finding the information? Who was involved? Describe step-by-step the actions you took to make it through the situation. How did you know they were happy? Explain step-by-step the action you took to find the information. Behavioral Interview Questions Behavioral interview questions are a big part of most job interviews. Some great samples are included directly on the eBook page, so it makes sense to check it out even if you do not want to purchase anything. Whereas behavioral questions emphasize the past, situational interview questions focus on the future and ask hypothetical questions. I fail them when this happens. Nursing behavioral interview questions test your knowledge of patient care, communication skills, motivation, teamwork and adaptability. >>Ready to pursue even bigger opportunities? It is important to convey your particular communication style and techniques. Talk about a specific instance when you went out of your way for your job or for a patient. This doesn’t need to be anything official. 6. Explain the conflict surrounding the situation. How did you handle that situation? Talk about a conflict within your healthcare team. Top 10 behavioral interview questions and answers. How did you handle the situation and how was it resolved? That’s in addition to his ground-level experience for over a decade and half in healthcare. Talk about a time when you had not communicated well. ICU vs ER). She stated that no other nurse had done that during the hospitalization and she was eternally grateful. General questions. We created a list of 45 behavioral interview questions so you can prepare for your onsite and nail it with confidence. Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your work as a Nurse? A successful interview is not just about answering the technical questions correctly; the employer also checks your overall body language, vocabulary, and personality. I had to stay organized otherwise I would not have been able to assist others. We spoke with Jordan Burton, founder of Burton Advisors LLC, to get his advice for gleaning the right information using behavioral based interview questions to help make hiring decisions. Healthcare hiring professionals want to hire nurses who provide excellent patient care. All of these questions are categorized by type, including: Here's how to answer these questions: Behavioral Interview Questions, Get tips for answering those questions here: Behavioral Interview Questions, Here's why these questions are important and how to answer them: Behavioral Interview Questions. Talk about a time your facility changed. The behavioral interview questions below are great for nurses interviewing for healthcare jobs (to learn more about what it takes to land a new opportunity, check out our complete guide to finding healthcare jobs). Talk about the patient’s care and why they needed much of your time. I had a Skype interview & they asked me very thorough questions and we did a scenario situation where … Earning my advanced pediatric certification is something I worked very hard for and something that validates the years I have spent at the bedside. Describe a time you were faced with a patient who chose not to communicate or disclose important information. Asking good questions and watching the candidate closely during the interview. Make sure to explain the situation in detail including both perspectives (the patient’s family and yours). 5.) What were the circumstances? Using a teach-back method allows nurses to know if families truly understood the information that was given to them.