Sociology is a popular topic in this country and Ball State offers this introductory course that is an easy way to introduce yourself to the topic. The Honors curriculum features a core of classes that immerses students in the great ideas and works of human civilization and equips them with the tools to think critically, analytically, and with the ability to integrate and synthesize across disciplines and concepts. It is typically for students who enter the HC after their second year. The Honors Baccalaureate degree is jointly awarded Honors Associate: requires 15 HC credits. A student must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.000 or better in the courses used to satisfy categories 1 through 3 of the All-University Core Curriculum … As with colleges, Ball State University has a set of University Core Curriculum classes that you have to pass in order to graduate. The series of first-year courses is carefully planned to build your understanding of the whole organization, eventually building … Degree programs available at Ball State University span a broad array of departments, including Anthropology, Art, Biology, Business, English, Finance and Insurance, History, Sociology, and even Speech Pathology and Audiology. Take this class to be introduced to the idea and have easy coursework! A bachelor’s degree at Ball State University requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, and about one-third of the degree consists of courses in the UCC. They also take 3 other Honors classes (9-12 cr), almost all of which meet either Core or major requirements. 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog > Miller College of Business > Miller College of Business Honors Core Curriculum, Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, IN 47306 800-382-8540 and 765-289-1241, Educational Opportunities and Student Services, Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning, Miller College of Business Honors Core Curriculum, Minor in Business Administration for Graphic Arts Management, Information Systems and Operations Management, College of Communication, Information, and Media, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy. When we arrive at its end, we hope to understand its meaning, or, as Peter Brooks said, “to connect ends and beginnings and make of the middle a highly charged field of force.” Stories and poems about death provide this opportunity. Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, IN 47306 800-382-8540 and 765-289-1241. Ball State University (BSU) is a public university in Muncie, Indiana.BSU was founded in 1899 as a normal school and was eventually purchased by the Ball brothers, a pair of successful and well-known businessmen in the local Muncie community. Honors theses submitted to the Honors College by Ball State University undergraduate students in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. Application Form for Departmental Honors in Psychological Science 18 ... (links to the core curriculum, major field exam, how to prepare for ... expanded and became Ball State University, and from 1965-68 it … Life is too. Questions regarding the proposed revision should be sent to the college contacts by January 22nd, 2021, and will be addressed during the forums. ... SGA would offer a student perspective to assist the university in creating a diversity curriculum or training program for Ball State… 2) Mathematics. Cardinal Scholar. Honors core courses may be taken during any year of study. Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, IN 47306 800-382-8540 and 765-289-1241, Current Honors College University Core Curriculum, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy. Students in the Honors College complete a core of six Honors courses that can also meet requirements in the University Core Curriculum. A minimum grade of C is required in ENG 103, and 104 or 114. The University Core Curriculum Committee (UCC) is hosting general and college-specific forums to discuss the proposed framework for revising the core curriculum and to receive faculty input.