Monica Trapaga and the Sugar Daddies

at The Cotton Club
(7 piece 20s/30s jazz) Monica with piano, double bass, drums, guitar, saxophone/clarinet and trumpet

"Sequins, Satin and Big Cigars - A classy show with a touch risque"

Revisit the vintage days of The Cotton Club as "Monica and the Sugar Daddies" take you on a nostalgic journey featuring songs by the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.

The Cotton Club has been synonymous with scandal since it opened in 1922. Having been born in the prohibition and owned by gangsters, it was the birthplace of some of the greatest American entertainers. Primarily featuring only black artists, the shows were sexy and scandalous...

Which is what prompted Monica to record an album and to produce a live show to present the essence of this forgotten era. Both the album and live show are a collection of her favorite tunes from the 1920's & 30's and, as usual, she is accompanied by the cream of Australia's jazz musicians.

The cd features Bob Barnard, Paul Furniss, David Seidel, Andrew Dickeson , David Blenkhorn and Peter Locke and, wherever possible, these musicians are included in the live show.

Tunes include "Slow Boat to China", "Sugar", "Paper Moon" "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", "Avalon" and many other classics sung with that style and sassiness that is uniquely "Monica".

"I've always performed songs from the 40s & 50's", says Monica, "though ever since I can remember the 20s & 30's has been the era that fascinates me the most, so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to immerse myself with the music of this forgotten time".

The lineup is piano, double bass, drums, sax/clarinet, trumpet and guitar and usually includes a featured spot by a guest artist.