MONICA GOES TO REHAB - Kings Cross Festival

Come join Monica to witness her favourite heroines on heroin:
Saturday 24 November - 7pm-9pm
Venue: The Bordello Room
Kings Cross Hotel
Cnr William & Darlinghurst Road
Monica Trapaga, leaving behind her squeaky-clean persona from “Play School” and “Better Homes
And Gardens”, checks herself into rehab on behalf of all the divas who have inspired her over the
years. Not so much a ‘stroll down memory lane’ as a pentathletes sprint to the finish line, Monica -
one of Australia’s preeminent jazz singers - crawls under the skin of her ‘heroines on herion’, from
Billy Holiday through Janis Joplin to Amy Winehouse - to shed light on the private demons of these
public angels. A consummate performer who has managed to resist the lure of anything harder than
vintage French champagne (or a decent ‘g & t’), Monica begs the question... “why do so many of the singers that bring us the highest of the highs suffer the lowest of lows?”
Monica’s accompanying medical care is provided by musical Director Elliott Wilshier (who, in comparison to his glamorous friend and muse, has sniffed, popped, snorted, smoked, drunk, bombed and injected every substance known to man). Still here to tell the tale, his twenty-year career as a musician (working with many of Australia’s leading performers, television programs and theatre companies) has been sustained by near-legendary self-medication.
From these two perspectives, a century-long story of musical genius and emotional turmoil is told through a no-holds-barred performance of jazz, pop and rock classics. Moving effortlessly from the elegance of yesteryear to the shabby excitement of today, Monica Trapaga - in a show that reveals there’s more to her than just a jazz-singing children’s entertainer - will have you firmly believing that, whilst we may all be living in the gutter, some of us are staring at the stars.

DATE - Saturday 24 November

TIMES - 6pm-9pm

TICKETS -$30 + b/f  -

The Kings Cross Festival is very excited to announce the inclusion of Monica Trapaga as part of the festival entertainment programme.

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