A Bite of the Big Apple

New York, New York. 

It's Ella and Louis. It's Seinfeld and Woody Allen. It's the bright lights of Broadway, it's hot dogs at 2 a.m., it's bagels and doughnuts and pastrami on rye. It's also Mexican, Jamaican, Filipino, Puerto Rican and Chinese food, all thrown together in a cultural cacophony quite unlike anywhere else in the world. All of these influences come together when Monica Trápaga, one of Australia's most-loved entertainers, escapes to New York – and realises she has come home. 

Join Monica and Lil on their journey of discovery as they explore their American, Hispanic and Filipino roots in a city on the other side of the world. They share both the recipes they discovers there, and family treasures from the Trápaga vault, all illustrated with their beautiful collages, drawings and photographs. Monica and Lil show you how to infuse even the simplest act with a little of their carnival creativity. 

Embrace food, embrace laughter, embrace life!